Sunday, October 3, 2010

Succession Planning Process

Succession Planning is a process by which an organization ensures that employees are recruited and developed to fill each key role within the company.

Succession planning is not just about promotion paths to the top. It's about getting the right person in place for every job. If a firm plans to double in size in three years, they will need more talented managers and must plan accordingly.

This process of succession planning enables your organization to:

  1. Assess if you have the right skills mix to achieve company goals – and determine what gaps exist that must be closed.
  2. Identify talented employees and provide education to develop them for future higher level and broader responsibilities
  3. Identify which employees are at risk of leaving.
  4. Retain superior employees
  5. Build “bench strength."
  6. Determine where people belong on the bus.
  7. Determine if they should be on your bus - or someone else’s.

If you want to effectively do succession planning in your organization, you must first identify your organization’s long term goals. In the process you will also need to understand the developmental needs and goals of your employees. Then you need to make sure that your key employees understand the roles, responsibilities, and career paths of the positions that they are being developed to fill. There needs to be a match.
Also be mindful of the job employment trends in your industry and area so that you have a good appreciation for the roles that you may have a particularly difficult time filling externally.

To help everyone get a clear picture on the workforce a diagnostic organizational chart must be developed. Any organizational charting software tool that helps you visualize the organization and its personnel ‘hot spots’ will greatly help in a successful planning process. OrgChart Pro is an organizational charting software that automates the organization mapping and visualization process.

Here is a Basic Succession Planning Organization Chart

One of the deliverables from the succession planning process is a diagnostic organization chart. Using OrgChart Pro and the succession planning process, here (below) is a basic chart showing positions that are filled, currently vacant, expected to be vacant, ready-now for promotion, and contractor. Additional fields may be added for length of time on the job, expected departure date, skill sets, etc. But this basic chart becomes an important visual to communicate the urgency for sound planning and taking action to protect your company’s greatest asset.

Succession Planning Process

Your goal is to hire superior people that have the passion, character, capability and track record for the job. Good people that fit are tough to find, which makes the succession planning and hiring so critical.

OrgChart Pro provides the perfect visual ‘heat map’ to facilitate an effective succession planning process. Visit for details and a free trial.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Organizational Charting Software PowerPoint

Are you still wrestling with PowerPoint to make your org charts? OrgChart Professional automatically creates your organization charts and then instantly publishes to PowerPoint. While PowerPoint is presentation software.

OrgChart Pro is made specifically for organizational chart creation. That’s why a chart created in OrgChart Pro takes minutes, while the same chart created in PowerPoint takes hours.

OrgChart Pro makes it quick and easy to create charts, format, add color and style, and include calculations for headcount and budget analysis. And finally, OrgChart Pro publishes to PowerPoint (or Flash), so you get an output that can be easily shared with everyone. Details are at

Monday, September 27, 2010

Organizational Charting Software and Excel

Need to create an organizational chart for your company? While Excel and PowerPoint can be used they’re really made to do the job – hence it’s a slow and tedious process. OrgChart Pro is specifically designed for the complex job of drawing, formatting, and publishing organizational charts in a fraction of the time. Plus, the entire process of creating org charts can be automated. OrgChart Pro can easily import excel data to create the chart and then keep it up-to-date. OrgChart Pro makes chart formatting, data changes and personnel calculations quick and easy.

You can draw charts using drag and drop, or create your chart with a simple import from Excel.

Organizational Charting Software Excel

Try OrgChart Pro for free and see how this org chart software solution can work for you. Details at

Monday, September 20, 2010

Organizational Charting Software for Oracle

OrgChart Professional will connect directly to Oracle HR EBS, or any Oracle database allowing you to make organization charts for your company the easy way.

OrgChart Pro easily imports from Oracle to instantly create professional organizational charts. Especially if you are looking for a way to automate the org chart creation process from beginning to end - OrgChart Pro can be scheduled to run on a daily basis to pick up changes that are made to the Oracle database and then update the charts and publish output to PowerPoint or a Flash web site.

OrgChart Pro is a cost-effective, robust organizational charting software, supporting the functions of charting, succession planning, re-organization, budget analysis, and much more. Details are at

Software Features:

  • Create charts in minutes
  • One-click synchronization
  • Chart complex relationships
  • Arrange large charts for legibility
  • Publish your charts
  • Attach/store documents
  • Protect confidential info
  • Find anyone quickly
  • Produce directories
  • Perform scenario analyses
  • Navigate easily
  • Print/display options

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Organizational Charting Software LDAP

OrgChart Professional will connect directly to Active Directory (AD or LDAP), allowing you to make organization charts the easy way. OrgChart Pro easily imports from AD (any data source) to automatically create professional organizational charts. Especially if you are looking for a way to automate the org chart creation process from beginning to end - OrgChart Pro can be scheduled to run on a daily basis to pick up changes that are made to AD, update the charts, and publish output to PowerPoint or a Flash web site.

Organizational Charting Software LDAP is the Powerful Organizational Chart Software helps you to build Succession Planning Chart, Organizational Structure, Enable Resource Planning and Employee Communications.

OrgChart Pro is the new, world-wide standard in organizational charting software, supporting all of the functions of charting, succession planning, re-organization, budget analysis, and much more. Details are at

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The organizational chart – or Organigram/Organogram – is a roadmap of your organization. It typically articulates the job grading system or hierarchy within an organization. The organigram illustrates reporting relationships between the different levels of management within an organization. And frequently the organigram will identify the nature and scope of an individual’s responsibilities and authority.

The organigram shows the reporting relationship/seniority in an organization and helps avoid misunderstanding in protocol. It improves communication by establishing ‘escalation’ pathways – which are critical for problem resolution. It assists with categorizing employees according to an appropriate job grading system that is used for different purposes such as remuneration, employment equity and skills development all legal requirements that need to be adhered to and It also reduces the risk of legal ramifications, since unclear roles and responsibilities can invite lawsuits from employees.

With an organigram, the members of your organization or company can get a quick picture of how to be more productive and not waste time. The right people can get involved in creating results, resolving issues, meeting customers’ needs, etc. It helps everyone work better together, and that will benefit the entire company.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Corporate Organizational Chart

With OrgChart Professional’s organizational chart software, you will be creating clear and professional corporate organizational charts with no prior experience. Check out the examples of corporate organizational charts below. As you can see these types of charts are the best way to clearly illustrate the inner structure and hierarchy of a business, non-profit, government or any other type of organization.

Nothing works as well as a visual. And nothing is ambiguous when structural relationships are cleanly illustrated with an organizational chart created with OrgChart Professional - the world’s best organizational chart software. Use it to create organizational charts, visualize the corporate organizational chart, staff organization chart, management organization chart, sales organizational chart, market organizational chart, corporate organizational chart, government organizational chart, etc.

The corporate organization chart can be easily shared with others. Use OrgChart Professional to publish the corporate organization chart to Microsoft office (Word, PowerPoint, Visio, and MS-Project) and even Flash, for easy viewing throughout the company. Use Adobe Acrobat to create a PDF that can be uploaded to your intranet. Also, any data in the chart can be exported for number-crunching or use with other applications.

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